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W. D. Gann was a pioneer of rule-based trading and back-testing. Of over 286 trades Gann was witnessed to make in one month, over 92% were profitable. But how do Gann’s methods and strategies hold up against today’s machine learning, whiz kids, modular math, and quant computing?


In this webinar, D’mitri Richardson, CMT, will break down the back-testing of Gann’s methods on today’s markets to show Gann found something much bigger than algorithmic trading.


W. D. Gann’s strategies were based on constants in nature which Gann believed to cause movements in financial markets. These constants quantified mass psychology and converted it into precise mathematical formulas which are able to lead financial markets. Quant methods and machine learning still follow previous price data.







You will also learn why humans struggle to trade quant strategies, how modern market science and back-testing can be flawed, the real truth about automated trading, and how Gann’s strategies stack up against quant methods.

Plenty of time will be reserved at the end for questions.


Plenty of time will be reserved at the end for questions. Registration and viewing are both free. This webinar will only be broadcast live at 3pm Chicago time on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, and will not be recorded or posted.


Is Registration Free?

  Registering for this webinar and        viewing are both free. 



3pm Central US time on Tuesday, January 5th, 2022. This webinar will only be broadcast live. It will not be recorded or posted. 

Can I ask questions?

There will be an extended time at the end for live questions. We should be able to get to all of them. 

What will I learn?

You will see how Gann's strategies and techniques perform on today's markets, how professionals back-est, and why Gann's organic strategies can lead markets while quants follow past data. 

D'Mitri Richardson, CMT

D'mitri has spent the last 20 years decoding, systemizing, and testing the original, unpublished trading methods of W. D. Gann. 

Based in Chicago, D'mitri is a consultant to institutions, funds, money managers, and trading professionals around the world. 


D'mitri Richardson, CMT          |         

Arcanum Market Research                 312-532-2116

190 S. LaSalle St, Suite 2100

Chicago, IL 60603 


This Webinar Will Help

W. D. Gann Aficionados

This webinar will help Gann aficionados gauge how Gann's strategies and techniques perform in today's markets, why they alone poffer constants quants are unable to, and why real Gann methods are rule-based and objective. 

Trading Professionals

This webinar will help trading professionals discover how W. D. Gann's organic, rule-based  market methods and strategies which often outperform quant methods because they can offer constants which lead financial markets.

Future Traders

Thinking about trading? Gann's methods and indicators cause financial markets to move instead of following them.  Building your education and trading on the right foundation will save you irreplaceable time and money. 

You do not have to take my word for it. Look up the records; examine the facts and satisfy yourself.

-W. D. Gann

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