W. D. Gann: Myth or Magic

Volatile markets remind us that W. D. Gann did his best trading under these conditions. In 1909 the senior Wyckoff wrote about Gann making 286 trades in 25 days- 264 were profitable!


D’mitri Richardson, CMT, will demonstrate how Gann's original, unpublished market methods accomplish what's impossible with contemporary technical analysis. Included will be back-testing stats on Gann’s most powerful methods applied to today’s markets.





Then you will be able to decide for yourself.  Was Gann for real or is 'Gann' just a cottage industry hoax?  This webinar will clearly distinguish between what is magical and myth when it comes to W. D. Gann’s unpublished trading methods.


Registration is free. This webinar will only be broadcast live at 3pm CST May 4th, and will not be recorded or posted.


Is Registration Free?

  Registering for this webinar is 



3pm Central US time on Tuesday, May 4th. This webinar will only be broadcast live. It will not be recorded or posted. 

Can I ask questions?

There will be an extended time at the end for live questions. We should be able to get to all of them. 

What will I learn?

You will learn the extraordinary capabilities of Gann's unpublished  methods as opposed to "get rich quick" schemes, see basic "how to's" of Gann methods, and see stats on Gann market strategies.

D'Mitri Richardson, CMT

D'mitri has spent the last 20 years decoding, systemizing, and testing the original, unpublished trading methods of W. D. Gann. 

Based in Chicago, D'mitri is a consultant to institutions, funds, money managers, and trading professionals around the world. 


D'mitri Richardson, CMT          |         Tradingwdgann.com         

Arcanum Market Research                 312-532-2116

190 S. LaSalle St, Suite 2100

Chicago, IL 60603 


This Webinar Will Help

W. D. Gann Aficionados

If you are frustrated because you have been unable to figure out Gann on your own- it's not your fault. This webinar will give you the key to furthering your journey on the right foundation. 

Trading Professionals

The methods of W. D. Gann take you beyond the limits of contemporary technical analysis, with indictors that lead the market. Would filling in timing, trend, cycle, and price information you are missing help up your game?

Future Traders

Thinking about trading? Gann's methods and indicators cause financial markets to move instead of following them.  Building your education and trading on the right foundation will save you irreplaceable time and money. 

The most money is made when fast moves 

and extreme fluctuations occur at the end of major cycles.

-W. D. Gann, The "Stock Market Course."

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